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How to Find the Perfect Raleigh Dentist

by Williams, Daily & Frazier on Apr 25, 2017 6:10:29 AM

Perhaps you’re new to Raleigh. Maybe you’re unhappy with your current dentist. It could be that you haven’t been to a dentist in years and one day you wake up with a throbbing toothache. Whatever the reason, when you’re looking for the dentist that’s right for you, you don’t want to blindly choose one at random. The perfect dentist for you and your family will offer the best possible dental care from a dedicated dental team, that’s a given. But you also want a dentist who really listens to your concerns and addresses them to your satisfaction. So how do you find the perfect family dentist? After all, there are a lot of dentists in Raleigh. The following considerations are a great place to start.


You hit the ground running every morning, and don’t stop until you fall into bed at night. Work, shuffling kids to school, games or classes, cooking, cleaning, and mowing the lawn… you never stop. That’s why you need to find a dentist that is convenient for you and your family. It’s important that the dental office offers all of your dental care needs under one roof. You don’t have time or energy to waste running around to different offices for various dental procedures.

Customer Care

If you’re one of the estimated 40 million Americans who stresses out about going to the dentist, you definitely want a dentist who is caring and sensitive to your phobia. Even if you don’t have dental anxiety, the right dental team that offers a comfortable, easy customer experience from start to finish will keep you coming back. Building a lasting relationship with your dentist is better for you and your teeth.

Payment Options

While we don’t usually talk about it in these terms, going to the dentist is a business transaction. The right dentist will make it comfortable to openly discuss payment options. Right up front, you need to know if your dental insurance is accepted and exactly what it covers. The right dentist will work with you to maximize your insurance benefits so you get the most out of them. And if you don’t have dental insurance, the right dentist for you can suggest payment options, especially for more expensive dental procedures.


Word of mouth is a great way to find your perfect dentist. Ask friends and family. Everyone has an opinion of their dentist, good or bad; those candid opinions are a good measure of a dental practice. It’s also helpful to check out reviews online, including those on the dentist’s website. Once you’ve narrowed down your selection, ask the dental office to set up a consultation visit. That way you can ask questions and address any concerns you might have.

Finding the perfect dentist for you in Raleigh doesn’t have to be overwhelming. A little research will help you find a dental practice that you and your family will trust for years to come.

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