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Dental Implants

Self-conscious about your smile due to missing a tooth or two? Dental implants could be the perfect solution. Williams, Daily & Frazier can replace a single tooth or fill an entire mouth full of missing teeth.


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WIDA Dental Implants

No two mouths are quite the same, and so no two sets of dental implants will be the same — or cost the same. Dental implants involve far more than just hardware. Investing in high-quality dental implants will help ensure they last a lifetime

Dental Implants

Williams, Daily & Frazier Dental offers comprehensive implant therapy. Dental implants are the closest thing to starting over that dentistry has to offer. They can be cared for and perform much like a natural tooth or provide an essential point of retention for your denture. Thanks to improvements in materials and technology, nearly everyone is a candidate regardless of age. They are typically comparable in price to a traditional bridge, yet they don’t get cavities or compromise the adjacent teeth.

Perhaps most importantly, implants stimulate and maintain the essential jaw bone which previously held a tooth and contributes to the support of lips, cheeks, and neighboring teeth. In most cases, the entire process from extraction to attachment of the crown or denture can be completed here in the office, providing the unique opportunity of allowing the same doctor who designs your teeth to place the supporting implants. Call now and schedule a complimentary personalized treatment discussion, financial plan, and benefits check.


Endosseous Implants

Endosseous Implants are a highly common and very widely used dental implant. An Endosseous implant requires a sufficient amount of alveolar bone to be in existence for ideal placement and restorability. The jawbone is prepared atraumatically, meaning there is a minimal amount of lasting injury to the bone and tissue. This is accomplished by using tiny drills and tools to securely screw the implant into place. The bone then integrates with the implant over a period of time providing stability and strength. After integration, a restoration is attached to the implant to provide a natural looking, fully functional tooth.


Dental Implant Placement Procedure

Williams, Daily & Frazier Dental provides turnkey dental implant placement and restoration, which means that in most cases, the entire implant process can be completed right here in our North Raleigh office. This provides our patients with the rare opportunity of allowing the same dentist who designs the form and function of your tooth to place its supporting implant!

If you’re looking for a solution to replace your missing teeth, dental implants may be the right option for you! A long-term replacement option, dental implants are surgically placed in the same supporting tissue that once held the roots of your natural teeth. Today, we are often able to provide an implant and crown at or below the cost of a traditional bridge, which has historically been used to replace spaces; but dental implants are not susceptible to cavities and do not require any treatment on neighboring healthy teeth.

Dental implants are made of biologically friendly titanium metal, which bone naturally integrates with, keeping replacement teeth strong enough to provide the same service as your natural tooth. Other options for tooth replacements may slip and slide, making you constantly aware that the teeth were lost and are no longer fixed in their proper position. With dental implants, you can rest assured that your replacement tooth will remain sturdy and in tact. Additionally, the crown, which attaches to the dental implant that replaces the tooth’s root, can be matched for a natural look and feel.

When many teeth require replacement, dental implants are a great alternative to traditional dentures, as they are stronger in their position and bite, and may appear more natural than dentures. With today’s advances, nearly every patient is a candidate for this procedure, regardless of age. Even if you have multiple teeth that need to have replaced, here at Williams, Daily & Frazier Dental, we can place multiple implants to restore your smile to its natural beauty.


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Are you interested in learning more about how dental implants may be the answer to your individual needs? Join your Raleigh neighbors who have trusted Williams, Daily & Frazier Dental for their dental implant placement procedures for years. With Williams, Daily & Frazier Dental, there’s most often no need for additional office visits and outside surgeons – we can do it all right here in the comfort of our office. We plan the ideal tooth replacement first. In this way, you can be confident that the same dentist providing any necessary extractions and implant placements has the unique needs of your tooth and bite in mind from the very first step. We do it all right here at our convenient Falls of Neuse Road location in North Raleigh!

Don’t let missing teeth affect your smile. Let us restore it for you! Call Williams, Daily & Frazier Dental in North Raleigh today to learn more about dental implant placement procedures, or to schedule your complimentary personalized treatment discussion, financial plan and benefits check.


Carolina Implant

Here at Williams, Daily & Frazier Dental we are currently running a special offer.

We use the most advanced dental planning software for optimal patient care.

We are now able to combine the digital plan for the tooth we wish to create with the placement of an implant in the ideal location to support it.

This greatly reduces our cost and we pass that savings on to our patients with a price that is half the average cost of dental implants in Raleigh, NC!

Read more at www.carolinaimplant.com.

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