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How To Find The Best Dentist in Raleigh

by Williams, Daily & Frazier on Jan 14, 2020 9:58:05 PM

Finding a good dentist can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure of the right questions to ask. Knowing the right questions and which certifications to look for can help you identify the best candidates to keep your teeth pearly white. Here’s some things to look at when looking for the best dentist.


Is the Dentist Close?

Proximity can be very important, especially when you’re having a dental emergency. If you ever lose a permanent tooth, for example, reaching the dentist quickly would be critical. Failure to reach the dentist in the appropriate amount of time could result in a lost tooth.

Of course a tooth emergency isn’t the only reason you want your dentist close by. You’re more likely to schedule your exams twice yearly when your dentist is near your neighborhood. There might be a perfect dentist across town, but will you make the extra effort to get there?

Google is a great place to start your search for “dentist near me”. Google maps is another great resource. Simply find your address on the map, then search for “dentists” in the area around your house. If you already have a dentist in mind, look up their address to determine their proximity to your home.


Does the Dentist Serve Your Needs?

Dentists can specialize in different areas of dentistry and may serve different populations. Some dentists provide holistic dental care, while others specialize in cosmetic or family dentistry. If you feel you need a specialty dentist, check each dental website for services offered before calling the practice. This will help you avoid a lot of wasted time making phone calls to dentists who wouldn’t make a great match.


Read Online Reviews

It's becoming common practice for patients to post online reviews of their dentist. In these reviews, you’re likely to see a mixture of positive and negative feedback. Look for patterns in the reviews.

If a lot of people state they were able to get in and out of the dentist efficiently, that could be a sign of good office management practices as well as good time management. Pay attention to how many stars a dentist has and how many times they’ve been reviewed.


Interview Dentists

Talk to your dentist before you become their patient. Contact dentists to ask them information about how long they’ve been in practice, what their specialty is, what they can do to make their patients comfortable, and so on. Ask questions such as:

  • How often do patients usually wait in your waiting room?
  • What do you do to assuage fear of the dentist?
  • How long have you been practicing dentistry?
  • Are you accepting new patients?

When speaking with dentists, pay attention to the way they answer the questions. Are their answers thoughtful and articulate? Are they able to provide specific and useful details? Do they communicate well overall? Remember that good communication skills can be an important quality in a dentist.

When you're done speaking with each dentist, notice the way that dentist made you feel. Your dentist should be someone you can trust. Sometimes it’s not the answers the dentist gives, but simply the way the dentist handles your questions that makes you feel as if you’re in good hands. Hire the dentist who helps you feel the most comfortable when you’re on the phone.


Get to Know Williams & Daily

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