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Top Reasons to Start Using 2018 Dental Insurance Benefits Now

by Williams, Daily & Frazier on Feb 22, 2018 6:04:22 PM

Dental offices usually get a rush of appointments in December as patients try to use up their yearly dental benefits.  Then there is another rush in January as the yearly benefits become available.  Often January 2018 appointments are booked back-to-back because dental insurance was renewed for the year, and many patients want to take advantage of this opportunity as soon as possible.

If you have dental insurance coverage, we would advise you to book 2018 appointments as soon as possible because spots fill up quickly.  Oral health is important; however, it’s also important to make it as affordable as possible.  That’s why it helps to know how to get the most advantage out of your dental coverage.

Dental insurance has become an important part of the family health care plan and budgeting process for most of our patient families.  It helps to provide coverage for most common dental care issues, and also helps families budget and pay for more advanced dental services.  Most plans include preventive care such as routine cleanings, while coverage for basic services such as braces or fillings is usually subject to some deductible.  For major restorative work, such as dental implants, your dentist can help you work with a dental carrier to maximize the benefits you receive.

Best Ways to Use Dental Insurance

Although each plan is slightly different, it’s important to take full advantage of what each plan offers so that your family can enjoy the benefits of quality dental care and good oral health.    Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your dental insurance, as well as the top reasons you should start using your 2018 dental insurance benefits now:

  • Preventive care: The best tool in your arsenal against plaque, tartar, decay and dental problems is to schedule regular preventive care appointments.  That allows your dental team to provide an in-depth cleaning, perform a thorough examination, and treat minor problems before they become big issues.  Most insurance plans allow two routine appointments every year.  By booking early, you’ll make sure you fit in the two most important dental appointments every year.  Patients who skip or delay dental care may find themselves facing dental emergencies that might not be fully covered under their plan.
  • Increased ability to work with insurance company requirements: Since every plan has different parameters, it is helpful to leave plenty of time to work back and forth with your insurance company.  If you or a family member needs a substantial amount of dental procedures, your dentist can work up a care plan that includes a pre-treatment estimate.  It may take some time to submit this to your insurance carrier, receive approvals, or rework the plan if it does not meet their requirements.  This gives you a better idea of your financial requirements, so that you can plan your family budget more efficiently.  The more time your dentist has to work with your insurance company to find the best approach to your dental care, the better it is for you.
  • Better procedure scheduling: Some treatment plans call for an extensive amount of work, which can often be completed in phases.  Most plans have a yearly cap which you want to meet.  Some procedures can be scheduled for this year, which will fall under your available coverage limits, then the remainder can be performed under next year’s benefit period.   You’ll receive the dental care you need, while maximizing your insurance benefits.

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