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How Nutrition Impacts Oral Health

by Williams, Daily & Frazier on Sep 16, 2021 5:30:00 AM

When people repeat the adage of you are what you eat, they usually are talking about full-body health. But did you know that your diet and the type of food you consume also have a large influence on the health of your mouth and teeth? In fact, the easy rule to follow is that if it's good for your body, it is going to be good for your oral health.

Finding Foods Good for Your Oral Health

Ready to transform your oral health? Get started today by finding and choosing the right foods (and avoiding the wrong ones) to promote your oral health:

  • Skip the candy. If you have a sweet tooth, then consider skipping the candy and instead satisfying those sweet cravings with fruits. Fruits are sweet and tasty but don't pack the negative punch processed candies have.
  • Choose whole grains. In the same vein, white bread and processed, refined carbohydrates should be swapped for whole grains wherever possible. Whole grains do not leave starchy residue in your mouth, but they do give you that feeling of fullness and give your body many nutrients in craves.
  • Nix the sugar-ladened drinks. Just as you want to avoid refined sugars in foods, so too do you want to avoid them in beverages. Swap out the sweetened juices, sports drinks, and special coffee drinks for more water and coffee served black.
  • Add in high calcium foods. Calcium is just as good for your teeth as it is for your bones. So choose foods high in calcium to benefit your bone health and your oral health. Such foods include cheese, milk, leafy greens, plain yogurt, and almonds.
  • Eat more lean meat. Lean meats provide key minerals that, in addition to calcium, help to strengthen your teeth.


Choose Better Nutrition Over the Long Run

The above are food steps you can choose today, or at least the next time you go shopping for groceries. But one good meal can't replace a lifetime of bad habits. Change your diet and nutrition over the long run by instilling healthy habits. Such habits will provide the following key benefits:

  • Whiter teeth. Eliminating bad foods and bringing in good foods packed with nutrients will work to whiten your teeth and strengthen your gum line.
  • Cleaner teeth. Better nutrition makes it easier to clean your teeth and gums because you will have less sticky food residue for bacteria to cling to and create plaque.
  • Better overall health. Maintaining better eating and drinking habits helps to improve your entire body's operations and the better your body operates, the better you will look and feel.


Don't Discount How a Good Dentist Can Help

When it comes to your personal health and wellness, no one can get you the best informed, tailored information than your doctor. Which, when it comes to oral health, that doctor is your dentist. Your dentist can offer you the best personalized advice about the health of your teeth and gums and how to keep those teeth and gums in good condition. Visit your dentist twice a year to ensure your teeth are in the best condition and be sure to ask your dentist about your diet and the foods that can help or hurt your teeth.

Need to book an appointment? Contact our team today to schedule your dental appointment and learn more about how nutrition can aid in better overall oral health.

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